Changes in Lifestyle

My first dip after a long time into the world of 1200 calories.

Can I just say that my first IF (16/8 split) meal that was planned around 1200 calories was super filling! Like food baby filling! I was honestly shocked. It’s no wonder people opt for salad as dinner or a snack. But I still can’t get over the fact that eating raw leaves feels so weird. All of the green vegetables (Spinach, Collard Greens, Bitter Leaves, etc) I learned how to make cooked. So eating a salad is really strange to me. I’ll eventually get used to it.

So to briefly go over what my eating is like:

  • I currently do a 16/8 IF schedule where I “fast” for 16 hours and eat in an 8-hour window.
  • I just realized, after recounting my calorie goal and noticing my slowing weight loss, I have changed my calorie goal from 1400 (give or take) to 1200 cals.
  • I’m super picky about my food, but I am slowly getting better at trying new foods.

And here’s my food diary for today:


The snack was a last minute thing, so I had to search for a comparable thing since I didn’t think of looking at the calories.

For exercise, I started C25k and walking on the days between. That leaves Sunday as my rest day. I really want to make working out a habit. So here’s to building habits!

I just wanted to get my thoughts out here since I journal every few days. While these posts may not be regular, they will be detailed about my fitness journey!

Current stats: 22F 5’3.5″ SW: 225.8 lbs CW: 211.2 lbs

Milestones (for now)

215 lbs

210 lbs

205 lbs

200 lbs

195 lbs

190 lbs

First Month of College 

So orientation was amazing! I made some videos about it on my channel. I had so much fun. I went to everything that I possibly could and spoke up when I could do it confidently, which wasn’t always. But a lot more then most of my first meetings with strangers.

I even made records on my step goals. Went from an average of 5,000 to 20,000 in a few days. Having my shoe insert for my shorter leg really helped with the pain I usually feel from walking too fast and too long. Still fiddling with it to find the right height (still have 2 or 3 more inserts to go!), but it’s better than enduring and potentially hurting my hips and knees.

So my suitemates are awesome! My roommate is awesome! I just need to get used to expressing myself to them. They still think I’m pretty quiet. I am, but I’m also not. So that’s a hurdle. I’m not feeling the best but I’m actually going to the counseling center to try out counseling. I feel that maybe talking to someone who does this as a profession will help me get over these feelings. I even told my mom and my best friend. I keep saying I am depressed, but I don’t really know what it is. Hopefully, this session will iron some wrinkles I have about these feelings.

I’ve been keeping up with my YT schedule for the most part. Unfortunately, it’s been mostly vlogs. Not that is bad necessarily, but that’s not what my channel is about. I actually have planned my first official video a few days after this post goes up. It’ll be my first planned video here, so yeah.

Still have to make my shobby mess of a resume to apply to jobs on campus. I doubt anyone will hire me, but there’s no point in predicting if I haven’t even tossed a line out yet.

I’m doing okay with my classes. First exam is the day before this post. Definitely going to do my best to prepare. Even went to my professor’s office hours!

First exam (Biology for Majors) is on Friday. Slightly nervous. But after meeting with someone in Academic Services and talking about it, I feel better. Going to do some refreshing, laundry, and a practice test.

Good luck to everyone! Cheers and fancy!