Changes in Lifestyle

My first dip after a long time into the world of 1200 calories.

Can I just say that my first IF (16/8 split) meal that was planned around 1200 calories was super filling! Like food baby filling! I was honestly shocked. It’s no wonder people opt for salad as dinner or a snack. But I still can’t get over the fact that eating raw leaves feels so weird. All of the green vegetables (Spinach, Collard Greens, Bitter Leaves, etc) I learned how to make cooked. So eating a salad is really strange to me. I’ll eventually get used to it.

So to briefly go over what my eating is like:

  • I currently do a 16/8 IF schedule where I “fast” for 16 hours and eat in an 8-hour window.
  • I just realized, after recounting my calorie goal and noticing my slowing weight loss, I have changed my calorie goal from 1400 (give or take) to 1200 cals.
  • I’m super picky about my food, but I am slowly getting better at trying new foods.

And here’s my food diary for today:


The snack was a last minute thing, so I had to search for a comparable thing since I didn’t think of looking at the calories.

For exercise, I started C25k and walking on the days between. That leaves Sunday as my rest day. I really want to make working out a habit. So here’s to building habits!

I just wanted to get my thoughts out here since I journal every few days. While these posts may not be regular, they will be detailed about my fitness journey!

Current stats: 22F 5’3.5″ SW: 225.8 lbs CW: 211.2 lbs

Milestones (for now)

215 lbs

210 lbs

205 lbs

200 lbs

195 lbs

190 lbs

Weight Loss Log (05/26-06/23)

Age and Gender: 22 F

Height: 5’3.5″

Highest Weight Ever: 225.8

Current Weight (On Last Day):

Goal Weight: Will fill in as time goes on….

Week of 05/26-06/02

*-Written after the events.

*05/26: Made lunch (1,265 cals), had takeout at dinner (~1,397 cals), walked a ton that day. My Fitbit was on fire!!! At least for me. 10,408 steps this day. I feel that it was an okay day to indulge, but I probably felt so bad at giving in to temptation.

*05/27: 1st day of Ramadan. Had a sip of water in the morning. Eating earlier on upset my stomach like nobody’s business. Did okay with walking, but didn’t make goal. Only 6,001 steps. Made dinner to break fast (1,310 cals) and drank 3 half liter bottles of water.

*05/28: 2nd day of Ramadan. Sip of water in the morning. Made dinner (1,354 cals), had 3 bottles of water. Not a lot of activity today (2,226 steps), but that is a usual Sunday.

*05/29: 3rd day of Ramadan. Sip of water in the morning. Woke up for work (10am-1pm). Took care of an energetic little bugger. Walked as much as I could to and from work. Ended up with 8,209 steps! Met my goal! Came home, took a nap due to heat exhaustion, made dinner (1,373 cals) with the usual 3 bottles, and called it a day.

*05/30: 4th day of Ramadan. A bigger sip of water to avoid another bout of heat exhaustion during the day. Did some errands for school. Since I was fasting, I couldn’t use getting fast food as a way to waste time. So I walked around at a steady pace. Ended up with 5,667 steps. Got home, made dinner (1,522 cals), drank 3 bottles of water, took a multivitamin and some iron, and ended my day.

*05/31: 5th day of Ramadan. Sip of water in the morning. Woke up, went to the doctor for a physical for school, came back home, and idled around waiting to break fast. Ended the day with 4,938 steps, dinner (1,612 cals), 3 bottles of water, multivitamin and iron.

*06/01: 6th day of Ramadan. Big sip of water because of errands for the day. Went for errands using the metro. Came back home eariler then expected. Made dinner (1,607 cals), had 3 bottles of water, took supplements, and got to 7,150 steps.

*06/02: 7th day of Ramadan! One done already! Half a bottle of water since I knew I’d be outside and it was going to be warm that day. Went to Friday prayer. Just as hot as I expected. Did some more errands with my mom and headed back home. Made dinner (1,429 cals), took supplements, drank water (usual amount), and ended the day with 4,773 steps.

Week of 06/03-06/10

*06/03: 8th day of Ramadan. Had a small bowl of food and a whole bottle of water. I thought I was going to exercise later in the day, but I didn’t. Did some errands during the day. Had dinner (900 cals), water, got to 4,277 steps and ended my day.

06/04: 9th day of Ramadan. I only had a sip this morning. Nothing major happened throughout the day. I just lazed around and napped a few times. Made dinner (1,395 cals), took supplements, and drank my water. My day ended with 3,037 steps. Pretty sad, but expected as it was Sunday.

06/05: 10th day of Ramadan. Decided to switch up my routine for just today since mom made some food I haven’t had in about a years time. So I ate that in the morning (~650 cals) and a ton of water even though it was going to rain today. The humidity will really drain you. Did some errands for school and mailed some things. Started prepping my dinner early since I had to do some math to fit dinner into my calorie budget. My stomach has been growling as if hungry, but I don’t feel hungry. I think I’ll stick with my normal IF schedule for now. Ended the day with 7,988 steps, dinner (1,014 cals), water, and supplements. Cycle started.

*06/06: 11th day of Ramadan. Today was Drivers Skill test. I made sure to drink a lot and get a lot of sleep. I had to pass this test on the first try otherwise I’d panic for all successive tries. I passed it though with only one mistake. Came back home a celebrated with a nice takeout meal. I know I shouldn’t but I was craving it. I figured I should just probably eat at maintenance for a few days to calm my cravings down. Ended the day with a lot of calories and 4,143 steps.

06/07: 12th day of Ramadan. Today was definitely going to be a maintenance day also. I think after today I’d be fine with the intense cravings. Lazed around until 12pm, then took a 2 hour walk. Burned about 961 calories for that walk plus I made it farther then I did last time! Used my quick errand to the supermarket as the last mile of my walk and bought some groceries. Strength workout bonus! Had about 9 oz of potato wedges, two donuts, and 3 oz of seasoned chicken. Probably still a little under goal. I’m proud I didn’t make more food. But calorie counting starts again tomorrow. My day ended with 11,630 steps and some sleep for my tires legs. Just realized that this is a great way to prep for walking the normal distances in Sierra Leone!

06/08: 13th day of Ramadan. Woke up surprisingly early and relatively painlessly. Did some errands and got some takeout (~1,700 cals). Had my nostalgic anime session with my best friend and talk about our NY trip. I ended my day with 4,821 steps.

06/09: 14th day of Ramadan. Had to do an errand for my mom, so I headed out after eating my meal for the day (1,435 cals). Not much happened, so my steps ended up being 4,501. T-minus 3 days to New York!

06/10: 15th day of Ramadan. Today I’m cleaning so I don’t have any chores to do when I come back home. So that’ll be a workout in itself since I haven’t cleaned my room in a month. -_- Made lunch (1,308 cals) before heading out with mom for some routine errands.

Week of 06/11-06/17

*06/11: 16th day of Ramadan. Super lazy day but I managed to clean up my room a bit. Made myself a smaller calorie meal (1,246 cals) to help with that and start to offset the possible overflow from my upcoming trip. I ended the day with 5,049 cals.

06/12: 17th day of Ramadan. First day of my NYC trip! Had some breakfast (500 cals?) Mom cooked and I didn’t see it to roughly guess) before I left so  Got to walk around and get some great footage. I’m getting used to this whole vlogging thing little by little. Had some awesome NYC pizza (660 cals). I get why you have to fold it. Now I need to get some Chicago deep dish pizza. Walked soooooo much. 14,522 steps to be exact!

06/13: 18th day of Ramadan. Second day of NYC trip! Had to switch some things since the schedule got a bit mixed up due to activity changes. We went to the zoo, had some lunch (1,044 cals) , got on two tours buses, got a hotdog (563 cals), walked around Times Square, had some froyo with some M&M’s (200 cals), went on a night tour of the city, and saw an awesome show in Time Square! Ended the day tired, having walked 16,263 steps (!).

*06/14: 19th day of Ramadan. Third and last day of NYC trip! Was too much of a stressful day to log in. Ended the day with 1,636 cals because I had no idea how hungry I really was after eating that Japanese food (no wonder most of them are in a healthier BMI range; the food I was was so low calorie!) and 7,583 steps. Not bad for a hectic day.

06/15: 20th day of Ramadan. First day back home and I am super exhausted. I didn’t even cross any time zones, so why am I so tired? I even went to bed as soon as I started to doze off. Well, the trip gave me some better perspective on planning a trip with my friend. But man is it expensive! I even ate less on purpose and still somehow left broke! So I made lunch (1,342 cals). This will be the last day I am not fasting. Back to it tomorrow! We are in the last 10 days! Ended the day with  steps.

*06/16: 21st day of Ramadan. Was still exhausted from my travels. I have no idea why. I did walk a ton plus I went to bed super late on the last day, so that might have contributed. Ended the day with a measly 2,561 steps, 1,411 cals, and a lot of naps.

*06/17: 22nd day of Ramadan. So I had an interview this day. Got up early and arrived way too early. So I walked about 0.8 mi to the place I was meeting the interviewers and found a nearby park to wait out the 20 minutes to arrive “on time.” Ended the day with 1,324 cals, 9,253 steps, and anxiousness.

Week of 06/18-06/23

*06/18: 23rd day of Ramadan. Well, this was an especially lazy day. I didn’t even leave home. Didn’t get the job either. Ended the day with 3,709 steps, 1,291 cals, and some disappointment.

*06/19: 24th day of Ramadan. Did my sworn duty of being a hermit and stayed inside for most of the day except when I went to the post office 0.2 mi from home. Ended the day with 1,365 cals, 3,649 steps, and what seems to be hot flashes?

06/20: 25th day of Ramadan. All I did was venture into the humid concrete plain, which is known as outside, to my local Giant. Walked back with a bunch of groceries and did some random chore at home. Started planning my next trip too! I also weighed myself. I had some apprehension. But I didn’t gain anything to my surprise! Yay! Only a few more days till weigh in! Ended the day with 1,340 cals, 5,626 steps, and a bit of anticipation!

06/21: 26th day of Ramadan. So I started my day off carrying an 18 lb package down three flights of stairs only to find out that I can’t return it to my local post office. It has to go to a UPS facility, which is super far for the not-driving-right-now me. So I went back up the stairs to put it back. Then I went for my walk. That was a bad idea. I din’t even get to the turning point I set because of the heat! I knew I should’ve used my apartments gym, but no. I thought I could tough it out in the hot sun while fasting. This is a decision I deeply regret. Few hours later, I finally dealt with my school business and had to redesign my entire Fall schedule because certain things were already fulfilled, or not needed, or locked out from my taking them. Now I’m deciding between Spanish (my best friend speaks Spanish and is a polyglot so I got help) or take Intro to Computer Science (and learn about a developing field that can benefit my learning and resume!). I’m probably going to take both as my year goes on but which to take first is the question. It’s a hour before the time to break fast and I’m probably not going to cook my own food. I’m probably going to eat what my mom cooked last night. I need to ask her how she made it because I was only their for part of the cooking process, so I can only guesstimate what i saw. Usually, it comes down to how much oil she added or if she added at all. Ended the day with ~1,400 cals, 8,200 steps, and a bit of weight off my shoulders.

06/22: 27th day of Ramadan. So I lost everything that I wrote for the day, but I said most of it in my video. That’ll teach me to not save frequently again. Basically, my skin and acne got a lot better in my opinion due to my weight loss and practice of IF. Didn’t really do much, but eh. Going to eat some food my mom made that we have had in a loooooooong time. Ended the day with 1,988 cals, 2,963 steps, and some technical difficulties.

06/23: 28th day of Ramadan. Yay! The end of this very long post. Frankly I really like it, but I’m going to go ahead a switch to the daily version. I mean I’m tracking daily with my calories. So why not put some emotion into it!