So now I’m doing this daily at the end of day. Feels a lot more relaxed. Anyway, today was another day full of errands because tomorrow is Eid! Ramadan is over for now and everyone is preparing for the festivities. My family is preparing some food for tomorrow, but I think I’m going to hold back a ton from eating. I had a cake slice today and I think I’m done with cake for the year. Again. My day’s calories, after logging the cake before making my dinner and lowering some amounts, are bust. 1,860 cals for the day and I don’t feel the best. Took my mind off by doing some Japanese on the Duolingo app and man am I rusty. Today was also the first day of lower my carbs from the rice I eat. I will stay with the new lower amount for about 3 to 4 weeks to get used to it. And last but not least, my mom got me the Canon G7X Mark II as an Eid gift! Better quality videos and I can finally stop using her phone as my main camera. (>.>’)

I ended the day with 1,860 cals, 9,914 steps (!), and list of potential videos.

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